Album Releases 2021

Posted: 11th August 2021

We are very pleased to feature a list of Album Releases from beneficiaries of the Trust both past and present including Mark Pringle (2016), Benjamin Baker (2013), Calum Huggan (2011/12), Ariel Lanyi (2019), Oliver Wass (2015/16).



MARK PRINGLE (Prepared Piano)

Solo Album Verzerren is out on Bandcamp.  

Release Date: 28th August 2021

“All pieces on the album are free improvisations, with the exception of the final track which is loosely based on the harmony of an old jazz standard. I have fond memories of going to my practice space at the disused Tempelhof Airport, in the depths of Berlin winter with the country locked down, to fill the strings of my upright piano with unusual objects and explore in a spirit of curiosity. I hope that some of this unique atmosphere comes across”.

Verzerren means in German: to distort, warp, contort.

Prepared piano is a technique involving the placing or insertion of various objects on or between the strings to alter the sound, often drastically. Its invention is usually traced to                                                                                                John Cage’s dance music for Bacchanale (c. 1938).





Debut disc  1942 – Copland, Poulenc & Prokofiev is out on Delphian Records.  Release Date: July 2021

“It has been incredible to see how warmly my debut disc has been received. In the first two weeks we had 128,000 streams (and many more since!) as well as very positive reviews from Andrew McGregor on BBCR3 Record Review, Norman Lebrecht, The Guardian, Gramophone Magazine feature ‘Essential New Albums’ and top billing from Apple Music as one of their top 10 Classical Albums of the month!”




Calum Huggan: American Music for Marimba Delphian Records


Debut Album American Music for Marimba is out on Delphian Records.  Release Date: 27th August 2021

“In the burgeoning contemporary repertoire for percussion, the work of a group of North American composer-performers has a special place. Classically trained but influenced as much by rock and jazz as by the Western canon, they have found a stellar exponent in the Scottish marimba player Calum Huggan.  Already well known as leading exponent of new music, Calum’s natural instinct for collaboration has led to this landmark first solo album”.






cover CKD 663ARIEL LANYI (Piano)

Schubert: Moments Musicaux and Piano Sonata D is out on Linn Records. 
This recording is part of the Royal Academy of Music Bicentenary Series.
Release Date: July 2021

“In the Moments Musicaux and the D major sonata, we see two facets of Schubert: the intimate and the panoramic. I see the Moments Musicaux as a series of snapshots of outdoor life … The D major sonata presents a panorama rather than snapshots … While many obvious differences exist between these two great works, the Moments Musicaux and the D major sonata do share one thing in common: they both end on a question mark.  Rather than bring the music to a conclusive end, Schubert’s artistic courage allows him to leave the audience with the burden of finding a conclusion”.




Oliver Wass (harp), Luba Tunnicliffe (viola), Henry Roberts (flute)

Debut album Nature and the Imagination is out on Linn Records.
Release Date: June 2021

“It’s a collection of music we love…the opening piece is the first we ever played together, 10 years ago — Debussy’s Sonata for Flute Viola and Harp — which still holds a really special place in our repertoire”.